Who We Are
“Art interiors” is a company that has become synonymous with the word exclusive in the world of interiors. We have now come to be known as the one stop shop for glass and wall art. What differentiates us from any other home decor or interior designing store is our unique range of never seen before products. With the ever increasing problem of skilled manpower, shortage of time and shrinking project completion deadlines, our products come as a sigh of relief with “ready to use” and “immediate installation” as their key propositions.
Whether it is a glass mural of a picture or design you admire or a fibre mural that you use as a divider/partition to your study or dining room or your office cabin; all are unique and will remain so, because we do not replicate designs. There is a wide range of glass work that can done on existing glass panes in your house/office unlike traditional usage.
Our special window films from Japan use only water to apply using advanced static technology; thus making them reusable. The clarity and the finishes that they offer match original work carried out on glass sans the hassles of labour and time; not mentioning its cost effectiveness.
Our designer decorative stickers from France can change the look of your space within minutes also giving you the flexibility to reposition them elsewhere, thereby transforming areas within no time.
Wallpapers and Kids borders from Germany and Korea offer unlimited choices of designs to highlight that particular master wall of your room.
We also manufacture designer doors which are ready to be installed at your site “just in time” leaving you free from the trouble of monitoring ‘on-site’ work. Also door panels are available that can used on your existing doors to change the entire look of the entrance.
Above all this, our designers can assist you in shaping your dream by transforming the ideas in your mind into reality.