Wallpapers & Boders

Polycarbonate honeycomb panels
• Furniture
• Interior Decoration
• Roofing & ceiling
• Partition & Wall Cladding
• Door Fillers
• Office floorings
• Staircases
• Door & Windows
• Restaurant designing
• Materials handling pallets
• Highlighters
• Dance/stage floors
• Porta cabins
• Bar&food counters

Light weight yet strong
Acoustical & vibration dampening
Backlit feature
High weight to strength ratio
Energy convervation
Corrosion & fungi resistant
Shatter proof
Good Thermal & electrical insulation
Easy to fabricate and install
Exceptionally flat surface
Crinkle effect
Weather proof
Can be made fire retardant
Finishes Provided on the edges

Temperature resistance upto 70 degrees celcius

payload carrying capacity(30mm panel)
Standard panel size 8' x 4',8' x 2'