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Wallpapers & Boders

Imagine renovating your interiors with no worry of cutting the sheet or hiring a carpenter or fretting about splashed water or stains on the surface.All you need is an ordinary knife and self-adhesive laminate to redesign your living in more than 20 different textures.These bendable sheets guarantee cost-effective luxury.Its weather proof quality gives you the liberty to use them not only for interior applications but for exterior uses as well! An easy way to give an elegant look to your interiors is by simply using the sheets made from ABS plastic laminates.

it is suitable for a wide range of applications in both your home furniture and professional environment like wooden cladding/lining of walls and columns, lift lining, doors, shelves, vanity units, table tops, work-tops, office partitions, counters, cubicles, store fitting, desks, storage units etc.

- Self Adhesive
- Easy to cut and Install
- Weather Proof
- Stain Proof
- Bendable
- Can be made fire retardant
- Can be made UV resistant
- Quick Installation
- Available in Gloss & Matt Finish

Various Textures Available
Self adhesive weather proof laminates